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Worried about finding
a locker while traveling?

We've all been there: Touched down in a new city with a few hours to explore.
But what to do with your bags?
You don't want to lug them all around town.
Sure there are coin lockers at the stations - but where are they? Are they full?

That's why Tebura is here.

Store your baggage with Tebura!

  • Worry-free luggage storage
  • Online reservations
  • Secure storage locations
  • Low-cost
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Using Tebura

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Enjoy empty-handed tourism

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Luggage Received!

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Luggage Storage Locations

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I was looking for a locker in Ginza Station for about 20 minutes, but couldn’t find an empty one. I was saved because I happened to see Tebura and could leave my luggage. I look forward to using Tebura again.

22 years old Aina K. From Japan

I was carrying a heavy suitcase while I was going on a tour. With this helpful service I found a place to leave it. Thanks to Tebura, we were able to enjoy empty-handed tourism. When the application comes out, I will definitely use it.

40 years old Natsuko C. From Singapore

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Company Name:
SamePage Limited
Managing Director:
Akihiro Takagi
October 2013
Management Consulting / advisor / real estate and land, effective utilization of business-to-Web App development.
2-6-2 Nihon Bld.12th floor, Otemachi , Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0004, Japan

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