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Asakusa Station

Who don’t know the super Asakusa station? All you need in Asakusa is related this station. You will be a lucky person if you once visit this station because Asakusa is a famous for its tourism appeal. It is so exciting to visit this place. You will see in this section Asakusa at a glance, about the story of Asakusa station, orientation of Asakusa. You will also know about the temple, shopping place and restaurant at Asakusa which are extremely mind blowing. Can’t believe me? So, come on and explore yourself. And how can you catch the Asakusa from Narita airport will be discussed here.

Asakusa is a district of Taito; Taito is a special ward in Tokyo Metropolis, Japan. Asakusa  is famous for the Senso-ji which is a Buddhist temple and it is dedicated to the bodhisattva Kannon.The development of Asakusa as an entertainment district during the Edo period came about in part because of the neighboring district, Kuramae. Kuramae was a district of storehouses for rice, which was then used as payment for servants of the feudal government. 

The railway station of this district remains crowded all the year round for the over-pressure of its visitors who visit to see the great Buddhist temple Sensō-ji , The station is  operated by Tobu Railway, Tokyo Metro, and Toei Subway. It formed one terminus of the original subway line in Tokyo, now the Ginza Line.

Asakusa At a Glance!

About Asakusa Station


The Tokyo Metro Asakusa Station was considered one of the first underground stations in Japan and still the beauty of this station has not faded yet. Rather, its charming the visitors for the last couple of decades.

The inauguration of the Asakusa station  happened on 30 December 1927.The Tokyo Metro Ginza Line's Asakusa Subway Station is the most central of its Exit 1 being which is only 60 meters from Kaminarimon, one of the two most largest entrance gates that ultimately leads to Sensō-ji.

The Tobu Railway terminal opened on 25 May 1931 as Asakusa Kaminarimon Station . This was decided to rename as Asakusa Station on 1 October 1945 during the period of World War II. The Toei Asakusa station opened on 4 December 1960 as part of the Toei Asakusa Line from Oshiage Station, a railway station beside Sumida river. The city's history can be appreciated at the station as you will be fascinated by the Tokyo’s famous ‘Shitamachi’concept. The term connotes ‘Low City”.

Here, the atmosphere of the ancient Tokyo exists. The station is a hub of various traditional local snacks. You might have the notion of the story of the place reaching at Asakusa rail station. The station would introduce the world famous ‘rickshaw’ (a man powered vehicle) to you.

There are very few man powered vehicles in the world is as beautiful as rickshaw. One important thing that might attract your sight, the lighting of the station. The lights are never deemed which make the station blazing all the hours round. The station building also accommodates a department store that spans eight floor.


Orientation of Asakusa


Now I am telling you about the orientation of Asakusa. Asakusa is located along the west bank of the Sumidagawa River in northeast Tokyo. The area is occupied with temples, shrines, and shopping, and is one of the limited places in Tokyo that recollects some of the feeling of old Tokyo. Its foremost attraction is Senso-ji Temple, also recognized as Asakusa Kannon-do. The temple was built in the 7th century and houses a golden image of Kannon. The Buddhist temple remains one of Tokyo’s topmost tourist destinations. Kaminari-mon Gate at the temple’s entrance is a popular spot to take pictures.

Leading up to Senso-ji is Nakamise Dori, a shopping street lined with shops that sell everything from cheap charms to high quality traditional crafts. Nakamise Dori also has many booths selling fresh local snacks. One more foremost attraction of Asakusa is the Sanja Matsuri, Tokyo’s biggest festival, when more than 100 mikoshi are carried through the streets. The three-day festival starts on the third Friday in May. It will be a great place for you. Explore it!!


Temple, Shopping place and restaurant near Asakusa

1, Famous Sensō-ji in Asakusa


Sensō-ji is an ancient Buddhist temple located in Asakusa which was built in the seventh century.. It is not only the oldest temple in Asakusa but also in Tokyo. In the past, it was closely associated with the Tendai sect of Buddhism and after the World War II it became completely independent and was opened for all. Adjacent to the temple is a Shinto Shrine, a monastery. It is called as the Asakusa Shrine.


Many people who live in Japan and those who are coming from abroad visit this temple every year mainly at the time of Sanja Masturi, a local festival that focuses on the great temple. It was the epicenter for the development of Edo culture, and these traces still remain today that attract the visitors most. You also can see many seasonal events in Asakusa like the annual festival of the Asakusa Shrine, the Asakusa Samba Carnival in August which is very similar to Brazilian Samba Carnival and the Hagoita-ichi, a Battledore Fair.


2, Amuse Museum

AM view1.jpg


Amuse Museum is a private museum specializing in Japanese textile culture and ukiyo-e. Amuse Museum is located 2 Chome-34-3 Asakusa, Taito, Tokyo 111-0032, Japan and It was opened on 1 November 2009 in Asakusa, Tokyo.


  • In  the 1st floor the will be  Museum's General Information and Museum Shop of Japanese Arts & Crafts, one 2nd floor the will be 1st Exhibition and Gallery  Gallery & Market.
  • 2nd, 3rd , 4th Exhibition will be in 3rd floor.
  • Mr. Dai Yamamoto's Lesson Studio will be in 4th floor.
  • On the 6th floor there will be Event Space , Bar six and Ukiyoe Theater and on the rooftop you will find Asakusa View Terrace.
  • The admission fee in here 540 - 1080 yen and the exhibition galleries open 10am - 6pm.

The museum have collection of everyday clothing and other textiles from the private collection of folklorist Chūzaburō Tanaka.


3, Drum Museum

Drum Museum is the noisiest museum  in Asakusa, Tokyo.  They have Hundreds of percussion instruments of all shapes and sizes  are on display here, many of them waiting to be banged on by visitors - just look for the color-coded musical-note icons next to each exhibit.

They changed the instruments which are on display once or twice a year because of they have larger collection. The drum museum is run by a long-established retailer that sells taiko drums, flutes, mikoshi shrines and other festival gear. there's a smaller shop on the ground floor of the museum building that sells cymbals, drumsticks and other musical gear, T-shirts and traditional festival clothing, and CDs and DVDs of taiko drumming.

Looking for a good place for shopping then let me suggest you place where you will find some stuffs at cheap price.

Website: Drum Museum


4, Lovely Nakamise Shopping Street


Nakaise is the most legendary and well-preferred shopping street where you can buy almost everything, from souvenir to clothes. Most interestingly, this magnificent shopping street is a very cheaper place to buy.

You can also refer to this article for souvenir shopping: 

5 Unavoidable souvenirs at Asakusa: This saves your time to find your souvenir!

The shopping street stretches over more than 250 meters starting from Kaminarimon to the main grounds of Sensoji Temple. There are well decorated shops that would force you to enter into them.


There is a tourist market here since the 17th century. The most common part in here many of the shops have been run by the same family for many generations.some of the interest thing tourist can view  oden which is a winter snack, odango, a sweet snack, maneki Neko, a traditional good luck charm and geta traditional footwear.


5, Sumida River Cruise


Tokyo Water Bus operates sightseeing ships at every 30 to 60 minutes on the beautiful Sumida River from Asakusa Pier via Hama Rikyu Garden to Hinode Pier, where you can transfer to a ship to Odaiba, another shopping destination. People who like river cruise, won’t agree to leave the place.

According to information  we figure that the price will be depend on the distance and range such 200 yen from Hinode to Harumi Piers and 2,000 yen, from Asakusa to Toyosu . there is a newest route and ship which is called Atakemaru and it charge 1,000 yen for adults and the round trip will be 1,500 for a round-trip. For the special room rate will be  1,500 yen and 2,000 for round trip  and in the ship you will feel that  comfortable and can enjoy  the ride for the 40-minute trip.

When you are done to visiting these places, you might need a place where you can eat food to recharge yourself.  


6, Tempura Daikokuya

File:Tempura Daikokuya4.JPG


Tempura Daikokuya is restaurant which is located in 1-38-10 Asakusa, Taito-ku. Daikokuya is the type of restaurant a grandmother could bring her grandchild to and share one portion and the atmosphere in here are casual. There have three prix-fixe tendon and tempura courses and the price will be ¥3,300, ¥4,000 and ¥4,700.

Let me give you some information about food menu. In the Tendon (with rice in bowl) site there will be One each of prawn, mixed-tempura & kisu fish Two prawns & one mixed-tempura Four Prawns available, in  Tempura(no rice) site Three prawns & one kisu fish Three prawns & one mixed-tempura Four Prawns, in set menu there will be One each of prawn, mixed-tempura & kisu fish with appetizer and clear soup One each of prawn, mixed-tempura & kisu fish with appetizer , a cup of rice and clear soup.

They have also some other section and from those section you can also choose some food.


7, Waentei-Kikko

Waentei-Kikko  is restaurant which  evokes the atmosphere of a farmhouse with its flagstone entry, wooden rafters, rustic furnishings, and tatami seating. It is actually a simple decor of a traditional Japanese farm house.

The live performances of traditional Japanese music occur five times daily such as 12:15, 1:30, 3, 6:30, and 8pm  including concerts by Fukui Kodai who is the Japan's most accomplished Tsugaru shamisen musicians. In the menu they have seasonal food option which change a lot in month. Some of the food name are Enishi, Musubi, 1-layer Bento Box "Yoshi Zen”, Kanzake , Microbrewed Sake.

Website: Waentei-kikko

Things to see in Asakusa and Asakusa Station 


  • Sanja Matsuri in Asakusa Shrine

      Sanja Matsuri or Sanja Festival, is one of the three great Shinto festivals in Tokyo.

    • It is considered one of the wildest and largest.
    •   The festival is held in honor of Hinokuma Hamanari, Hinokuma Takenari, and Hajino Nakatomo, the three men who established and founded Sensō-ji.
    • Sanja Matsuri is held on the third weekend of every May at Asakusa Shrine.
  • Asakusa Samba Matsuri

    At Asakusa’s Asakusa Samba Carnival, you are guaranteed to see the most dazzling array of beautiful telephoto lenses.

    • But seriously folks, this has become one of the major summer festivals in Tokyo.
    • It reflects Japan’s close ties with Brazil (Brazil has the largest Japanese diaspora in the world).
  • Sumidagawa Fireworks

    · The Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival is an annual fireworks festival held on the last Saturday in July, over the Sumidagawa near Asakusa.
    · The Sumidagawa Hanabi Taikai follows the Japanese tradition of being an intense competition between rival pyrotechnic groups
    · It is a revival of celebrations held in the Edo period, and annually attracts close to a million celebrants.
    · Similar events are held at the same time of year at many other sites throughout Japan.


  • Hanayashiki.


    · Hanayashiki was opened as a flower park in 1853.
    · Nowadays, Hanayashiki is operating as an amusement park where it is overflowing with 20 kinds of attractions and lunchrooms.
    · Shops in the park also have a wide range of souvenirs, like park original goods!

Interested? Check this article!

Too old to feel safe? Visit Japan’s Oldest Amusement Park in Tokyo: Yes it’s Asakusa Hanayashiki!


  • Tokyo Skytree


    · Tokyo Skytree is a broadcasting, restaurant, and observation tower in Sumida, Tokyo, Japan.
    · It became the tallest structure in Japan in 2010.
    · Now it is the second tallest structure in the world after the Burj Khalifa.


  • Izakaya


    · An izakaya is a type of informal Japanese gastropub.
    · They are casual places for after-work drinking.
    · They have been compared to Irish pubs and early American saloons and taverns.

  • Asakusa Engei Hall

    · Asakusa was once full of theatres like this one, where traditional rakugo and other forms of comedy are performed.
    · There are also jugglers, magicians and the like.
    · It’s all in Japanese, but the linguistic confusion is mitigated by lively facial expressions and props.

  • Byobu Museum

  • Sumida Aquarium

How to go there from Narita airport

From Narita Airport you have to take the Terminal Two Station at first, there will be a Narita Skyaccess at the terminal which will help you to reach at Asakusa Station.


Asakusa is a nice place to visit where you can spend good time with your family, friends and dear ones.


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Tax free shops in Asakusa- SHOP NOW!!!!

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The Massive Festival In Tokyo: Asakusa Samba Matsuri 

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People come to Japan not only for its heritage and natural beauty. It is enriched with ancient cultures. The representation of cultural events and practices are one of the major factors that travelers do not want to miss.  Throughout the year, several festivals are organized. Asakusa is also no different.
The famous Matsuri festival in Asakusa information is given in the following article. You will learn about address, time and arrangement information there.


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Street shopping is fun. Especially when you want to buy a lot of items in cheap price. Following article is about such information. If you are in Asakusa, you can buy from the street shops. Along with other items, you can buy quality cosmetics items as well. Dont miss this place when you are in Asakusa