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Coin Lockers at Inada Station

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Fee ? ? ¥300
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Inada Station

About Inada Station

Inada Station is a railway station which is located in Kasama, Ibaraki, Japan and it is operated by East Japan Railway Company. The station was opened in 1898.  According to the information, Previous wooden station building was rebuilt and it was rebuilt between October 2012 and spring 2013.

Kasama Station is served by the Mito Line and it consists of two side platforms which are serving two tracks. The platforms are connected by a footbridge. Mito Line for Tomobe, Mito  Shimodate and Oyama. According to the information of 2014, the average passenger was 176 daily.


Places to visit around Inada Station

Kirara Hall

Have you ever heard about Kirara Hall. well, if you haven’t then allowed me to give you a short description of this Kirara Hall. Kirara Hall is a pottery shop. You might feel that it is a youthful feeling compared to other stores. In here You can buy stylish dishes and cups for everyday use.  you might also see the exhibition from them where you will see images. You can try their salad dish from Kirara Hall.


Kasama Nichido Museum

The Kasama Nichido Museum of Art of the Nichido Art Foundation and it was opened on November 11, 1972. Galerie Nichido, Jin Hasegawa and his wife Rinko have made this museum.  In the main building, there will be a display of a wide range of works from the Impressionists and Ecole de Paris painters whose influence on modern Japanese artists was so great to the drawings of Japanese artists of the modern period, and to it has been added a Jin and Rinko Hasegawa Memorial Room.

In the west wing there will be a collection of contemporary Western art and the works of contemporary Japanese artists as well as a collection of artist palette paintings. These palette paintings, with their special research value as keys to the actual painting methods of the artists, constitute one of this museum's most unique and valuable assets. if you want to see the European antique doll then go to the former director's office. The East Wing will now be used specifically for a more substantial schedule of special exhibitions.


Amabiki Kannon

Amabiki Kannon is the place of teachings of Buddhism staying alone deceased man's Buddhist name naturalized in from China is founder old historic temple to be informed when we did for 587 yards.


Inada Shrine

Japan is full of religious culture, so wherever you go there must be a shrine or a temple or anything else which represents the religious of Japan. This shrine is just a half mile from the station, so you can definitely visit if you have not been to any shrine before.

Beside this shrine there are a lot of shrines and temples near the area, so you can just visit and explore the Japanese culture.


Kasama Nichido Museum of Art

It’s a bit far from the station , 2.6 miles. However, the art museum is very popular around the area. So you should go and at least have a look.


Ibaraki Pottery Museum

If you love to see potteries of different kind, and if you love handmade crafts, then this museum will make you fall in love with handmade things, especially pottery. It’s 2.7 miles from the station, so you can either take a cab, or go for a long walk.


Other place to visit

Besides these three places, you can also travel to the different places such as Inada Shrine, Kasama Inari Shrine, Ibaraki Pottery Museum, Matsumidori Sasame Sobee Shoten, Hisa-Toukoubou, Amabiki Kannon, and Mt. Sajiroyama Kanzeonji Temple.


Some of the closest hotels nearby the stations are;

Hotel Sealuck Pal Mito

About 10 minutes by car from the station.  The hotel offers spacious single rooms so if you travel alone it’s a good place to stay. The complementary breakfast of this hotel is very popular too.



One of the best Ryokans of the area. The only problem with this ryokan is it has only one bath. The employees are very warm in welcoming and taking care of the guests.


Hotel Lo Alpheratz

If you want to find restaurants and shopping center near you this this is the hotel to stay the night. It is in a good, quiet location only a few minutes drive to restaurants and shopping centers.



Just a 10 minute distance if you a take a taxi from JR Kasama Station. It’s a nice hotel to stay for a few days, the food is amazing there. The building is like  a towering castle, so the architectural beauty of the hotel is extraordinary.


From Narita airport to Inada Station

Train: To get on a train, first exit from terminal 2, then to the stop Shin-Kamagaya, the train stops here every 20 min. From there, go to the stop Kashiwa and from then, by train you will reach your designated Station, Inada Station. It will take almost 3 and half hours for you to reach the station,


Bus: From Terminal 2, take the Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit, from there, take a subway to get off two stops, then to Inada Station. The longest journey among the other options, almost four hour journey to the Inada Station.

Drive: You can rent a car, even if you don't know the exact location, you will have gps to help you navigate to Inada Station. It will take an hour 20 minutes for you to reach Inada Station.


Train lines in Inada Station