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Recommended 7 items introduced!

Tebura has decided to begin new partnership with DMM rental service on December 28, 2016. In the DMM service website, you can find various types of products for men and women. Starting from fashion items for men and women, you can find items for home appliances, electronics, sports items, baby items and so on. The items are very useful and easy to purchase.

Collaboration planning content
Tebura × DMM.com various rental limited coupon
rental fee 5% OFF coupon gift!
About 4,100 items from travel goods to latest appliances, fashion goods can be rented only when necessary!

Coupon code: 8509A6273e
※ enter the coupon code in the basket screen, please let me apply.
※ One person can use once.
* It is not possible to use it with other various rental coupons.
※ Some items and golf, luxury cars will be excluded.

Link: DMM various rental

The following items are among the most popular items on DMM.com. These most popular items are chosen by Tebura

The 7 useful items for national and international travellers

Handy washing machine



The handy washing machine is most needed during travelling. It is useful for quick cleaning. The other benefits of handy washing machine are:
It can quickly clean the fabric
It uses ultrasonic vibration
It is easily usable to clean the dirt, collar and sleeves.
It can also clean dirt of cosmetics and food.
It does not cause any damage to the clothes
Washing is possible without rubbing.
It is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere
It is a rechargeable device.

Link: http://www.dmm.com/rental/iroiro/-/detail/=/cid=nr_02173a/

Water oven

 The water oven is a great device to warm the food quickly. The “Superheated steam” can rise the temperature more than 100 degrees Celsius. The benefits of water oven are
It is quick to heat the surface of the oven
Bake food quickly even to the center.
Healthy since it needs less oil
Frozen foods are easy to defrost
You can steam cook the food.
The fried items can be cooked in this oven in healthy way
It takes less time to cook or bake.
For morning breakfast you can easily make the best toast.
You can also fry egg, chicken and vegetables.

Link: http://www.dmm.com/rental/iroiro/-/detail/=/cid=nr_02173a/


 Roomba is an effective machine for vacuum cleaning. Its a small device but its smart system makes it user friendly. The benefits of using Roomba are:
It takes less space
It can clean the narrow areas like bottom of sofa, bed etc
It can clean the dust of carpet and floor very well.
It can clean to every corner and angle of the house.
It has detection system to identify the dust, dirt for cleaning.
It automatically return to the charging stand after finishing the cleaning process.

Link: http://www.dmm.com/en/rental/iroiro/-/detail/=/cid=nr_02211a/

DSLR camera

The DSLR camera is used for high quality images. The external lenses ensures detailed and beautiful captures it is easy to use and share the photos. The other benefits of using dslr camera are
The size is easy to handle while trvelling.
Easy operation system and sharing
It has automated and manual mode for taking pictures.
It has face detection and filters.
It is best used in events like birthday, wedding, christmas etc.
It has got auto focus system that ensures a clear photo
The auto noise reduction system gives a grainfree photo

Link: http://www.dmm.com/rental/iroiro/-/detail/=/cid=nr_01981a/?dmmref=ranking


Suitcase is a must item for travelling. It used not only to pack items while moving from one place to another. Therefore, the four wheel suitcase needs to be strong and user friendly.
The benefits of suitcase are
The four wheels ensure the strength and quality
It has huge space inside
It has small pockets and space for keeping ironed clothes
The belt keeps the clothes organized
It is very fashionable design
It ensures durability for its strong surface
It doesnt need to be controlled by hand.

Link: http://www.dmm.com/rental/iroiro/-/detail/=/cid=nr_02092a/?dmmref=ranking

Galaxy S6 edge Gear VR

 VR is a portable device to enjoy 3D videos. Here is the VR for Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. The portable device can give you the experience of 3D movies wherever you want. The other benefits of VR are:
You just have to play a 3D video on your mobile.
Wearing the VR you can get the feeling turning your head up and down, right or left.
Easy to use.
Gear VR unique space of immersive 360-degree powerful
The videos are easily watchable and sharable.

Link: http://www.dmm.com/rental/iroiro/-/detail/=/cid=nr_02075a/?dmmref=ranking

Waterproof digital camera

 The waterproof high quality is mostly wanted. It can be used in harsh environments other than water. The other benefits of waterproof camera are:
It can be used in water and protected from electric shock and dust
It is 5X optical zoom camera mounted
It can be used in any environment and season for instance winter or from any mountain or sea.
It gives high quality photos with good resolution
It is easy to transfer the images from this camera to other devices
It has wireless function
The continuous shooting mode work perfectly that it won’t miss any shot.

Link: http://www.dmm.com/rental/iroiro/-/detail/=/cid=nr_02047a/?dmmref=ranking

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