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Follow me; 5 Best Ramen Shops in Ueno! Time to taste Japanese culture!

You may recognize that Ueno is a heaven for ramen lovers.

There are limitless ramen shops there. Each has different unique styles in noodles, toppings, and soup. You will never get bored of eating ramen in the city of Tokyo. You don’t need to go out of the way of your tourism route to have a good bowl of ramen. Where you go in Ueno, think of, these popular restaurants are just around the corner.

So, looking for ramen experience in Ueno? Get your appetite satisfied with my suggestion for top 5 ramen shops around Ueno Station and Ueno Park.


1, Ippudo Ueno

  • You will notice that the name “Ippudo” is named by the founder in his will to bring revolution to the ramen.  
  • Ippudo became one of the most famous ramen restaurants in Japan in a revolutionary way.  
  • One of the uniqueness of Ippudo, is the admiration from women.  
  • The taste of the ramen is very delicate and mild.  
  • Before Ippudo started Tonkotsu ramen, it was common that it had strong smell and taste.  
  • Ippudo’s ramen have the strong smell, but still rich in taste.  
  • You can also see from the depiction that the restaurant is clean, and the tea served here is rooibos tea.
  • This type of excellent herbal tea, so that the customer can eat Tonkotsu ramen in more healthily.  
  • These are the reasons why it became popular to women.
  • And, you can choose the type of soup from White (Mild) and Red (Hot), but we recommend you to try Red and add an egg.
  • Want to know more information? Visit here: IPPUDO


2, Menya Musashi Bukotsu

  • The stylish black ramen shop around the corner in Ueno is Musashi Bukotsu.
  • Here you can listen to nice music under dimmer lights while having special noodles of concentrated brown soup.  
  • The standard Tsukemen comes with a large slice of thick roasted pork fillet on top of the shiny al dente noodles.  
  • Once you dip 2 or 3 strands of noodles into its delicious soup of great smell, you would realize it is the pork bone and fish based which is absolutely exceptional.  
  • And you would understand why the locals got addicted to it and make lines to come here every day.
  • For further information visit here: Menya Musashi Bukotsu


3, Ichiran (Atre Ueno)

  • The small and busy Ichiran may not be the best place to hang out for large groups.
  • And you will notice that there are individual booths separating each person from one another.
  • But the balanced taste of the ramen broth is so delicious, that it has to be tried to be believed.
  • If you’re not full after one bowl but have some soup left, they’ll
    gladly refill it with noodles and eggs.
  • And finally, please don’t forget to pick your favored level of spiciness earlier.
  • For further information visit here: Ichiran 


4, Himuro Ueno

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  •         You will find a nice little ramen joint in Ueno.
  •         it’s called Himuro.
  •         They serve a Hokkaido style miso ramen, shio ramen, shoyu ramen, and kimchi ramen.
  •         That’s the kimchi ramen in the picture above, and miso ramen with extra charshu pork below.
  •         It comes with a few slices of char-shu pork, menma sprouts, nori or wakame, and green onions.
  •         You can also add a hardboiled egg or a few other toppings for a bit extra.
  •         The ramen is salty, flavorful, and filling.
  •         For further information visit here: Himuro Ueno 


5, Naritaya Halal Ramen shop

  • This ramen shop is located in Asakusa which is close to Ueno (25 min by walk, 12 min by train) however, I recommend this shop to you because it is halal ramen.
  • Especially if you are Muslim, you don’t have to worry about selecting the right place to eat here.
  • A restaurant called Naritaya Ramen is serves the best Halal Ramen.
  • You know that halal means food prepared exclusive of any ingredients that are forbidden in Islam, such as pork, lard, alcohol, etc.
  • This also includes chicken and beef that is slaughtered in an Islamic way.
  • Naritaya ramen uses all halal ingredients.
  • It also has the halal certificate issued by the Halal Community in Japan.
  • The restaurant provides fresh noodles that is made at their own factory.
  • The ramen soup is from the halal chicken-based flavor and all the ingredients are carefully selected items.
  • They serve several types of ramen, you can choose the set.
  • For further information visit here: Nritaya


Now it is, time to enjoy your ramen at Ueno. Excellent trip is waiting for you!

Enjoy yourself. Be safe!


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