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Kanae Coin added in the web application wallet app Cipher browser to settle its own token!

This is Akihiro Takagi CEO of SamePage Inc. and Tebura Ninja.This time I would like to introduce ERC20 original token settlement process with web application, at the time of making wallet by own company security and convenience issue creates difficulty for users, this issue is solved by an wallet named Cipher browser.


With this you can pay your own token (Kanae Coin) directly from smartphone without using MyEtherWallet.


First install Cipher browser in your smartphone



It seems to be an open source but it is safe.

petejkim/cipher-ethereum: A typed and fully-tested Ethereum library used by Cipher Browser, a mobile Ethereum wallet and Dapp browser https://github.com/petejkim/cipher-ethereum

After given pass phrase and setting, save, click add token on the top screen.


Next, click add custom token on the top.


Finally if you enter contract address or click the QR icon on the right to read the QR code, the coin name, symbol, decimal will be entered automatically.

After input automatically click add token.

By following these a unique token (Kanae Coin) has been added to the wallet.


You can ask user to install it,display the QR code on the payment screen of the web application, and monitor the transaction with the MyEtherScan API, you can also accept payment from wallet using it. I have not tried it yet, but with the service below just loading the QR code, it seems that It will end from remittance to Wallet installation. A Japanese business owner seems to have ERC20 supported token wallet so I would like to try it as soon as it released.

cipherwallet https://www.cipherwallet.com/


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