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Refresh your mind and soul at the Gorgeous Manai Falls

Manai waterfalls is one of the famous waterfall in japan. This waterfall is situated in Takachiho of Miyazaki prefecture. It is considered as a natural monument. If you ever come to Takachiho town, do not miss the beautiful Manai waterfall.


Get Around Manai falls

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Manai is such a beautiful waterfall that is difficult to describe in words. It is a huge waterfall and a huge volume of water flows through the mountain is amazing to watch. Visitors can see the waterfall from far away. However, in order to grasp the real essence of this majestic creation, you must roam around with the boat.

It is a renowned belief that the water of this fall is coming from the Amanomanai well. The well is named by the God Amanomanai. It is a japanese mythology that the God Amanomanai has been relocated to this waterfall.  

There is a gorge at the Manai falls. The gorge can be found on the southern Island of Japan. Once upon a time, a volcanic eruption occurred at Mount Aso. as a result of the lava, the gorge was created by nature. There is a walking path to the gorge of the waterfall. There are boats available that travel through the waterfall. You need to get beneath the waterfall in order to get on the boat.

The boats can travel with maximum 3 adults. The ride costs 2000 yen and continues for thirty minutes. The boats are available from 8:30 am in the morning till around 6 pm. During this ride, you will explore the crystal clear soothing blue water. The beautiful green trees are surrounding the atmosphere. It not only excites you but also bring peace and calmness in your soul.

There is a bridge from where you can enjoy a different glance of the fall. The beautiful sunlight sneaks through the gorge will fill your mind with joy and excitement. Spend a quality time and enjoy the spectacular view of the Manai falls.Take a lot of beautiful pictures with the nature. It is suggested to visit this place during weekdays. During the weekends, this place is very crowded. Collect your ticket from the reception.


Nearby Sightseeing places from Manai Falls

Besides the Manai waterfall, you can also explore the nearby shrines. There are other attractive spots you must visit.


Takachiho Gorge

Takachiho gorge is located on the northern parts of Miyazaki. It is naturally created resulting from the volcanic eruption from Mt. Aso. the 100 meter tall gorge is a V shaped valley.  it is beautiful to watch the water sipping through the rocks. It is a marvelous view in summer when the atmosphere is green and suddenly the green turns into orange surrounding during autumn. The Manai falls can be seen from here as well. Take a boat to enjoy the mystic beauty.

There are also rice farms and maple trees near the gorge. Best time to enjoy the beauty is from July to august.


Takachiho Shrine

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Japan is a country full of shrines and temples. In Takachiho, you will also be able to visit the Takachiho shrine which is located on the northern parts of Miyazaki. It is one of the central shrines in Takachiho. The shrine is dedicated to God Jissha-daimyojin. The shrine consists of ancient buildings surrounding tall trees. It is a peaceful environment to perform prayers or visit traditional shrine for the visitors. In order to reach to the Takachiho shrine, follow this detailed address 〒882-1101 Takachiho-cho 1037 Mitai, Ooaza. You may contact for direction on 0982-72-2413 


Night Kagura festival of mythical Takachiho

The Kagura festival is organized at Takachiho shrine. It is a festival to attend at night. The Kaguraden is arranged with ancient music from shinto shrine and dance. The festival continues for 2 days. When you come to visit Takachiho shrine, enjoy the traditional festival as well.


How to get there at Manai Falls

The Manai fall is located on the northern part of Miyazaki prefecture. In order to get there, you may travel by train or car. If you choose to travel by train, ride on the train that departs from JR Miyazaki Station to Nobeoka Station. It takes an hour to reach at Manai falls. You can also travel there by bus. It takes a bit longer to reach compare to train.


If you choose to go by car, here is the full address of Manai falls;

Mitaimisioi, Nishiusuki-gun, Takachiho-cho 882-1101 , Miyazaki Prefecture

You may contact for booking information or other details on 0982-73-1213.

You may also visit the Takachiho Town Planning and Tourism Department for any necessary information regarding Takachiho town.

The Manai falls is one of the great places to visit not only in Takachiho but also among 100 great tourist spots in Japan. This is place you can explore within two hours or more. The best time to visit the fall and surrounding area is during spring from March to May, summer from June to august of in Autumn from September to November. You can come here with your family and friends or as a single traveler. Visit here by foot or rent a boat that will take you to every corner of the fall. No matter when you come to visit the Manai fall and Takachiho town, this place will never fail to amaze you.

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