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Things to Do in Aya-cho‎: Part-2

Would you like to visit at Aya (綾町 Aya-chō)?  As I have already been described in “Things to Do in Aya-cho‎: Part-1” Aya (綾町 Aya-chō) is a town located in Higashimorokata District, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan. Aya’s town constitution gives it one of the tightest recycling policies in Japan. It is included into Aya Biosphere Reserve transition zone. Aya is also home to Aya Castle. In this article, I am going to tell you rest of the part how you can enjoy at Aya (綾町 Aya-chō).

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Things to Do in Aya (綾町 Aya-chō):


      Miyazaki City Amagi Museum of History

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  •         At first, I am going to tell about Miyazaki City Amagi Museum of History.
  •         It is known as the facility that symbolizes peace of Miyazaki.
  •         But the exhibition content and stuff bother to see why.
  •         This place is renowned for its beautiful cherry blossoms than the inner castle where history archive.
  •         View all Takaoka is also good enough to see the town.
  •         There is a large lawn and playground kid playing yen is the perfect place.

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      Takaoka Hot springs Yasuraginosato Miyazaki

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  •         Secondly, I am introducing to you about Takaoka Hot springs Yasuraginosato Miyazaki.
  •         The bathing areas is called “Moon Bath” and “Heaven Bath”.
  •         These have a versatile selection of baths.
  •         Each area includes a sauna.
  •         It is an open-air bath and the kind of hot water used is change weekly.
  •         You will have great fun using these various kinds of baths.
  •         Furthermore, there is a health care room (odd dates are for men and even dates are for women) as well as special baths.

Source: http://www.miyazaki-city.tourism.or.jp/en/sightseeing/spcat02/spot10.html


      Michi-no-Eki Takaoka

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  •         Thirdly, I am going to tell about Michi-no-Eki Takaoka.
  •         Maybe you can go to visit to buy snacks on the way to the park.
  •         They sell local products and fruits.
  •         External small truck takoyaki also itneyo and sales.
  •         You can just drink it away, only to buy.
  •         You will Vegetables at cheaper prices.
  •         The idea come to the boundary to make purchases.

Source: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g298215-d8256746-Reviews-Michi_no_Eki_Takaoka-Miyazaki_Miyazaki_Prefecture_Kyushu.html


      Miyazaki Shinto Shrine

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  •         Fourthly, I am introducing about Miyazaki Shinto Shrine.
  •         Meet this place!
  •         Miyazaki-jingū (宮崎神宮) is a Shinto shrine located in Miyazaki, Miyazaki prefecture, Japan.
  •         It is dedicated to Emperor Jimmu, Ugayafukiaezu and Tamayori-bime.
  •         Many events are held at the shrine including the annual Yabusame festival on April 3.
  •         The most important is the Aki-no-Taisai held in October.
  •         It is a costume parade in honor of Emperor Jinmu (Japan’s first emperor) featuring women dressed in gorgeous wedding kimono.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miyazaki-jing%C5%AB


      Heiwadai Park

  •         Do you want to go Heiwadai Park, or Peace Tower Park?
  •         Okay, fifthly, I am going to tell you about Heiwadai Park.
  •         Heiwadai Park, or Peace Tower Park was built in 1940 to celebrate the 2600th anniversary of the ascension of Emperor Jimmu, the mythical first emperor of Japan.
  •         It is believed to be the original site of his capital.
  •         Inside the park stands the Peace Tower, or Heiwadainoto, a tower constructed of stones sent from all around Asia and one of Miyazaki’s most identifiable landmarks.
  •         Now, how can you get there?
  •         There are 1-2 direct buses per hour from Miyazaki Station (West Exit) to Heiwadai Park.
  •         The trip takes about 30 minutes and costs 320 yen.
  •         Otherwise, there are more frequent connections if you take a bus from the station in the direction of Tachibana Dori and get off at the Depato Mae bus stop (4 minutes, 160 yen).
  •         And then transfer to a bus bound for Heiwadai Park (12 minutes, 260 yen).
  •         Heiwadai Park can also be reached in a 15-minute walk from Miyazaki Shrine and the Prefectural Museum.
  •         And I can assure that it will be your worth visit there.

Source: https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e8002.html

So, guys, try to enjoy at stunning Things to Do in Aya (綾町 Aya-chō) as I have told you above. You will be amazed trying the attractive Things to Do in Aya (綾町 Aya-chō). And I think you cannot ignore these amazing exploring Japan in a different way, guys. Your day is going to be excellent. Are not you feeling excited? If you want to explore Japan, you must try to enjoy Things to Do in Aya (綾町 Aya-chō). And I know you will be grateful to me because of suggesting this information. Happy journey, guys!! Have a good day!! And stay safe, guys!!

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