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CryptoCurrency QR code generator 【Trial Version】

Good evening!This is General Association of Tourism, Tebura.

Recently I am very much busy with my project work that’s why I am bit late for uploading my blog, sorry about that.

Today I am going to describe another newly developed project which is under testing and development related to virtual currency.

It is QR Code Generator for cryptocurrency!

【Method of Virtual Currency】 【Amount of Virtual currency you want to pay】 【Payment address】 can be detected by QR code.

There is not such thing that you want to do much!

The amount of transaction of virtual currency will increase more than present time. Though usage will increase payment will also be increased between small stores and individuals.

Do you want to input long address every time along with the quantity of virtual currency and ask every time to do that?

It should be increase more efficiently if usage increase more frequently.

Though there is still some restriction in the application at this development period we will make further improvement and will provide this service to the Tebura affiliate stores. I will make it available to the general people as open source at the proper stage.

I am planning to use this payment service with remuneration along with the translation and guide providing service.

Every single accumulation will be build under the foundation of Tebura’s platform.


〜Flow of Code Generator〜

1. Select the method of virtual currency
2. Input the address
3. Input the amount
4. Click Submit

QR code generation has been complete successfully! On the other side it can work smoothly until the payment is made.
Click the link below for trial version↓

※This system is under development test. Please refrain from using it for actual payment.

I will announce it officially again.

Yes you can check the amount of payment before sending so if you make a bad payment it will be check before sending of amount.

It will be a useful system for general virtual currency user in near future.

Tebura is working to improve it steadily.

That’s is all.

Introduction of Tebura

Video “How to choose Good ICO Video:http://bit.ly/ninjasvideo
Official Website : https://tebura.ninja
ICO Webpage : https://tebura.ninja/ico
Presale Proposal : https://tebura.ninja/presale
Whitepaper : https://tebura.ninja/whitepaper_en
Telegram for Japanese: http://bit.ly/telegramjp
Telegram for English: http://bit.ly/telegrameg
Bitcointalk.org : http://bit.ly/bitcointalkorg

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