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4 things to do in Shinshinotsu-mura

Shinshinotsu-mura is an amazing place where you will find several things to visit. Here you can go to the park to spend some good times and can catch some fish over there. Also, you will find varieties of the restaurant where you can have delicious food. The hot spring facilities also available here. It is a really nice place for tourist. So sit tight and allow me to give you more reason why you should come here.


Shinotsu Park:

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People often like to visit a park in the afternoon to spend some relaxing time. Some of them like to visit a park just to enjoy the atmosphere of that place. Shinotsu Park is one of the beautiful parks which offers the same thing to its visitor. Here you can spend a relaxing time and can also enjoy the atmosphere of the place. During the summer, you will experience the beauty of nature in Shinotsu Park. the park contains campsite. This campsite is quite popular over there but expensive. You can also catch a fish in this the park and it will be more funny part that you will do at here. The park gets covered by snow in the winter season. During the weekend this park visited many visitors so it will be better if you make a reservation before coming here.


Kaitaku Fukurofunoyu:

Japan is a country where you will find several hot spring spot. The hot spring facilities are quite popular over there. People love to take a hot bath in those places. In Shinshinotsu-mura‎, there is a place Kaitaku Fukurofunoyu that offer this hot spring facility. This place offer Bicarbonate is commonly referred to as “hot water of beautiful skin” to improve blood circulation. The surrounding area of the Kaitaku Fukurofunoyu is nice and also contains a green environment. If you have a car and worrying about where to park then forget this issue from your mind because Kaitaku Fukurofunoyu also has a parking lot. Overall, it is a nice spot to spend some good times.


Tobetsu Shrine:

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Tobetsu Shrine is located in the Shinshinotsu-mura, Japan. It is a Shinto shrine where people often come for worship. The surrounding area of the shrine contains an amazing atmosphere. Here you will see some wonderfully designed statue. The outlook of the of the Tobetsu Shrine looks beautiful. Especially, during the evening, you might get amazed by seeing the lighting of that shrine. Tobetsu Shrine is also known as Aso Shrine, but it seems that it was later renamed. So far it’s a really good spot to spend some time.


Sunshine Yang:

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We often get tired by visiting several places. To recharge ourselves, we go to a restaurant where we can relax and have some delicious food. In Shinshinotsu-mura, if you feel hungry then go to the Sunshine Yang. Sunshine Yang is a good restaurant in Shinshinotsu-mura. Here you will find varieties of food such as ramen, rice, and others. The decoration of the restaurant looks good and the service over there is nice. So come to this Sunshine Yang and have some relaxing moment.

So don’t waste your time at home. Come to this beautiful Nikko and enjoy the several things in here and make your trip awesome.

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