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Enjoy at Shiraito Waterfall

Want enjoy at waterfall? Shiraito waterfall is one of the best options. It is located in the forests north of downtown Karuizawa. The mountain slopes above the waterfall contain a volcanic stratum on which groundwater flows before surfacing here. This explains why no river flows into the Shiraito Waterfall. Similarly, as only a small portion of the water flowing is rain water, the strength of the flow stays relatively constant independent of the weather. In this article, I am describing about Shiraito waterfall.


About Shiraito waterfall

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  •         Shiraito Waterfall is measured three meters high and 70 meters wide.
  •         Shiraito no Taki literally means “the waterfall of white threads”.
  •         It aptly describes its appearance, as multiple streaks of water drape over the surface forming what seems like a white curtain.
  •         The site is most beautiful in summer when the vegetation is lush.
  •         It is a somewhat popular destination for autumn colors around late October each year.
  •         Immediately below the Shiraito Waterfall is a secondary waterfall.
  •         It is shaped such that water cascades over several steps.


How to get Access to Shiraito waterfall

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  •         Kusakaru Kotsu operates buses between Karuizawa Station and the Shiraito Waterfall.
  •         It needs 25 minutes.
  •         It costs 710-yen one way, 1-2 buses/hour, less in winter.
  •         Get off at “Shiraito no Taki” bus stop from where the waterfall is a five-minute walk.
  •         For those visiting by car, the waterfall is located along the Shiraito Highland way toll road (300 yen).
  •         It starts just north of the Former Mikasa Hotel and ends at the Mine no Chaya intersection.


Basic information about Shiraito waterfall

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Hours & Fees

  •         Hours: Always open
  •         Closed: No closing days
  •         Admission: Free

Source: https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e6034.html

Why you visit at this water fall?

  •         It makes your refresh.
  •         you can enjoy the nature in a different way.
  •         You can enjoy its autumn colors around late October each year.

So, guys, try to enjoy at beautiful Shiraito Waterfall as I have told you above. You will be amazed trying the beautiful Shiraito Waterfall. And I think you cannot ignore these amazing exploring Japan in a different way, guys. Your day is going to be excellent. Are not you feeling excited? If you want to explore Japan, you must try to enjoy Shiraito Waterfall. And I know you will be grateful to me because of suggesting this information. Happy journey, guys!! Have a good day!! And stay safe, guys!

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