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Karuizawa Area Guide

Would you like to know about Karuizawa area guide? I am going to focus about Karuizawa. It is a comparatively compact town. But each area has its own distinct tone, from the clusters of villas in Shin-Karuizawa and Kyu Karuizawa to the bubbling hot springs in Naka Karuizawa. In this article I’m going to tell about this area.

Top 10 Recommended Karuizawa Sightseeing Spots:

I am going to provide you a list of ten places you should check out when you visit Karuizawa.


      Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

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  •         It is one of the largest outlet shopping malls in the country.
  •         The Prince Shopping Plaza contains 240 stores that primarily center around fashion, as well as accessories shops, interior design stores and gourmet restaurants.
  •         There is a wide array of available apparel, from high-class brand-name gear to more conservative items, as well as kids’ clothing and outdoor wear.
  •         Address: Nagano, Kitasaku Karuizawa, Karuizawa
  •         Website: Karuizawa PSP


      Kumoba Pond

  •         An attractive spot near JR Karuizawa Station, the still waters at Kumoba Pond reflect the surrounding trees to create a photogenic scene.
  •         There are footpaths around the pond.
  •         So, you can enjoy the scenery from many different angles.


      Kyu Karuizawa Ginza

  •         A shopping street bustling with tourists and people looking to cool off.
  •         This 50-meter strip is populated with restaurants, cafes, accessories shops, boutiques and more.


       Kyu Mikasa Hotel

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  •         It is an important national cultural property.
  •         This pure Western-style hotel constructed of wood was built by a Japanese architect.
  •         The unique exterior is a fusion of American, British and German architectural styles.
  •         Admission: 400 yen for adults (discounted to 300 yen for groups), 200 yen for children (discounted to 150 yen for adults)
  •         Address: Nagano, Kitasaku, Karuizawa, Karuizawa 1339-342
  •         Website: Kyu Mikasa Hotel


      Shiraito Falls

  •         Shiraito Falls is three meters high and 70 meters across.
  •         The name means “White Thread Falls,” derived from the way that the rushing waterfalls look like a row of connected white threads.
  •         You’ll certainly be emotionally moved by the delicate scene of flowing water.
  •         Address: Nagano, Kitasaku, Karuizawa, Nagakura

Source: https://matcha-jp.com/en/3735

So, guys, try to enjoy at beautiful Karuizawa as I have told you above. You will be amazed trying the beautiful Karuizawa. And I think you cannot ignore these amazing exploring Japan in a different way, guys. Your day is going to be excellent. Are not you feeling excited? If you want to explore Japan, you must try to enjoy Karuizawa. And I know you will be grateful to me because of suggesting this information. Happy journey, guys!! Have a good day!! And stay safe, guys!!

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