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Shinshinotsu! A small place that offer several things to enjoy

Shinshinotsu is a good spot to have a nice holiday. Shinshinotsu is located in the Ishikari, Hokkaido, Japan.  The size of the area is 78.24 km². With this size, it offers several places to its visitors such as a park, bridge, cafe, and others. You can also enjoy here by catching fishes or can take an amazing road trip. So let’s not waste our time in the introduction. Let’s know more about some sightseeing spot of Shinshinotsu.


Lake Shinotsu:

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Sometimes we like to go somewhere where you can spend good times. Lake Shinotsu is a place where you can have lots of fun. This place contains an amazing atmosphere. The place offers its visitor to experience the beauty of nature during summer. Here you can take a nice walk to relax your mind. Even you can sit near to the river at this place and can spend some relaxing time. Lake Shinotsu will get covered by snow during the winter. During the winter, the temperature gets so colder that you have to hear heavy dress to stay hot. The main attraction of the place is the Fishing part.  Fishing part is one of the popular stuff over there. This one looks funny but hard to catch those fishes. You can also have lunch here and the cost will be around 1500 yen.


Tappu Great Bridge:

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Are you looking for a place where you can take an amazing road trip? Well, don’t waste your time by searching several websites on the internet. Rent a car and take a ride on the Tappu Great Bridge. Tappu Great Bridge is a well-known place in Japan. It is located in the Shinshinotsu,  Ishikari. The place offers to experience an amazing atmosphere. Even if you don’t have any car you can also come here and take a nice walk and experience the beauty of the nature of this place. If you are coming here during winter then you will see the surrounding place covered by snow. Overall it’s a nice place to spend some good times.


Michi-no-Eki Shinshinotsu:


Michi-no-Eki Shinshinotsu is another popular spot in Japan. It is located in the Shinshinotsu,  Ishikari. The surrounding area of this place is consist of several things such as hot spring, a park golf, a barbecue area.  The size of the shop is small. Mostly vegetables are sold here. Take a hot spring bath at here which is quite popular. If you like to have some relaxing moment go to the park. At the park, you will experience the beauty of this place. Michi-no-Eki Shinshinotsu gets crowded during the weekend. Several people come here just to have a nice holiday here.


Shinshinotsu yakiniku tamon:

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Shinshinotsu yakiniku tamon is a restaurant in Shinshinotsu. It is a really good restaurant that serves several delicious foods. Inside the decoration of the restaurant looks nice. Some of the food you will get here are Wasabi Calvi, Assorted seafood, Taimen set, and lever. Besides these foods, you can also try some other foods over there.   

So don’t waste any time. Come to this beautiful Shinshinotsu as soon as possible and make your trip awesome.

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