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NinjaCoin cryptocurrency that aims to eliminate gap in travel

Rebranding of “NinjaCoin” cryptocurrency that aims to eliminate gap in travel

NinjaCoin Project will boldly rebrand “NinjaCoin” that is a cryptocurrency originated in Japan since October 10, 2018 after one year from the start of the project. The project will renew its web site, white paper, and blog media as well as the logo for its own cryptocurrency “NinjaCoin.” The project will list the cryptocurrency on an exchange market abroad to raise fund via IEO (Initial Exchange Offering).

“NinjaCoin” is a project for planning, developing, providing, and promoting common currency for eliminating various problems regarding such as time, language, and money that all travellers face during their trip using a platform based on the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

In NinjaCoin Project, SamePage Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, CEO: Hiroaki Takagi), Hands Free Travel Association (Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, Representative Director: Hiroaki Takagi), and the other organization join. The project started in October 2017 and has raised approximately 700ETH from angel investors and the other organizations so far.

NinjaCoin project is now engaged in development of various travel services and platforms based on “NinjaCoin.” For example, it provides a luggage deposit service “Tebura” in locations including the area in the front of Tokyo Station and develops settlement platforms to allow travellers using “NinjaCoin” for P2P translation and guide service in travel spots.

NinjaCoin also aims to let “NinjaCoin” used as a “common currency for travellers” in all over the world to decrease economic disparity in travel by financing people with low income and in poverty in the world. Please refer to the web site for the details.
Web site: https://tebura.ninja/ico/?lang=en

Latest information of the project is distributed via the official Twitter account of the project and the Discord community:

Inquiry for this press release: Hiroaki Takagi (CEO of SamePage Ltd. and Representative Director of Hands Free Travel Association)

100–0004, 12F of Nihon Building, Otemachi 2–6–2, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

TEL: 070–6527–0333

Mail: md@samepagenet.com

Website (Japanese Version): https://tebura.ninja/ico/?lang=ja

Website (English Version): https://tebura.ninja/ico/?lang=en

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