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Hamamatsuchou Station

About Hamamatsucho Station

Hamamatsucho Station (Hamamatsucho Station) is the East Japan Railway (JR East) and Tokyo Monorail stations in Minato-ku, Tokyo. However, at the Tokyo Monorail, the monorail Hamamatsucho Station (monorail tomatsukichi) is the official station name.

This station is also knowen as Tokyo’s entrance staion because got the connection to airport, so lots tourist use this station and enjoy the attraction around!


3 things you should check at Hamamatsucho station.

1. Don’t miss out the Syonbenkozou Statue (Manneken Pis)

At Hamamatsucho station, there is a very famous statue at the statioin platform of the Yamanote Line/Keihin Tohoku Line South Line Home (lines 3 and 4) near Tamachi. This statue name is "Syonbenkozou Statue (Manneken Pis)", well  known for changing costumes according to the season, entertaining the eyes of commuters and schoolchildren!

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On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the opening of the railroad on October 14, 1952, Eiichabro Shiono of the then Hamamatsucho station chief went to Kobayashi Hikaru of a friend who was a commission dentist at Shinbashi station to see if there was anything to commemorate It was the first time that a white pottery-made Manneken Peddler was donated, consulted and donated to the birthday of Kobayashi's eldest son in the garden of the clinic.

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Initially there was no costume, and it was naked originally. It is believed that one girl covered Syonbenkozou Statue (Manneken Pis)’s hat on a cold day one day, and it was the first time the statue got costumes. After that, a woman named Eiko Tanaka who worked at a company in Hamamatsucho created clothes for the Syonbenkozou Statue (Manneken Pis). Over the next 30 years Tanaka continued to make more than 200 costumes, but the statue returned to naked again due to the death of Tanaka for a while.

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In 1986 (Showa 61) dressing began again, and after that the costume has been changed monthly by "Ajisai Handicraft Group".

Website: Hamamatsucho station


2. Minato-ku Tourist Information Center

The minato-ku tourist information office locates at Hamamatsucho Station of monorail. There is free Wi-Fi service provided by NTT East Free Wi-Fi Japan. This place must be a very helpful for tourists from abroad who have just arrived at Haneda from abroad.



3. Enjoy a wonderful by from World Trade Center Building Observatory Seaside Top

From this World Trade Center Building Observatory Seaside Top, you can enjoy an amazing view like Odaiba, Tokyo Sky Tree, Mt. Fuji and the metropolitan area if the weather is fine. There are a lots of reputation of good feedback according the Tokyo view. It is a worth to visit for sure..


So don't miss anything that describe before. Enjoy the beauty of the station!

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