Frequently Asked Questions
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General Questions
Is it necessary to get approval for virtual currency from the exchange market to conduct an ICO and sell tokens to Japanese Citizens?

It is clear from the Virtual Currency Exchange Act that approval is required for specific currencies to be listed for exchange in the market. However, approval is not required for all digital tokens. Though our company is not trading in the market with unknown buyers with existing virtual currency (BTC/ETH etc.), Japanese Yen or any other legal currency,it is now clear that we do not fall under the condition set by law to exchange tokens in the market. Based on the current point of view of the Finance Bureau, there is no clear cut declaration that the exchange of tokens are illegal if it is not registered in the exchange market.

Is there any reward or warning of punishment for those who collaborate with Tebura and introduced the tokens, under the Funds Settlement Act?

We recieved a legal opinion from our partners to introduce our ICO project in the media but the questions are in regards to the saleable product is financial or not such as stock. These cannot be financial productsbecause there are some regulations. In many cases the ordinary ICO projects cannot handle financial products, partners will introduce introduction fee but we do not clarify it after attending with lawyer. Please keep it for reference.

Why do we prefer to raise funds using cryptocurrency instetad of other available currencies for investment?

Available investment methods give high return to investors which is the opposite to Tebura's philosophy. Tebura's goal is to build open source software without having a central administrator. In the future we will release an application that can be used for free provided by the Luggage Free Travel Association To do this, it is necessary to build an decentralized network. Tebura is currently working to collect funds using a decentralized method, setting up business on a worldwide scale and marketing it to wide audience.

What is the difference between single/small owner based business platforms and association based business platforms (decentralized). Please explain the advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of single/small business platform is that there are a small number of parties in power, and they are able to make quick decisions within a short period of time. The disadvantages of single/small owner based business platform is that they might not easily enter into the competitive market and cannot overcome barriers to entry. The advantages of an association based (decentralized) business organization is that it ensures proper incentive to those who are associated with the network. By implementing smart contracts along with improving the network administration, workload can be reduced and proper incentives can be provided to the users who use the decentralized network. The disadvantages of such a business model is that the speed of progress on the project can be relatively slow if a conflict arises.

What are Tebura's future business strategies?

The Tebura service related business proposal will be given to the regional businees owners who have media such as DMO (Regional Tourist Management). The value of the utility token will be increased in a proportional way with the volume of annual distribution. We are thinking to increase the number of service providers to expand our sales channel. Tebura will introduce it's services that will be offered. Tebura will finance it's own virtual currency to those store owners who want to have:
- multilingual support for expanding their business,
- translation of food menus for foreign tourists at a low cost The registered user can receive Tebura Token and can use those tokens for purposes of their trip. Store owners may expand various services along with multilingual support. Foreign Tebura users who help to improve the experience of tourists on their trip by providing an interpretation service will receive Tebura's coin as a reward. Additionally, Tebura has various sales strategies.

Why don't you collect the maximum amount of funding at the first stage of ICO?

"According to a survey, the failure rate of ICOs as a model is 95% or more. Tebura is following the ICO model but keeping the interest of investors at heart so that they may avoid potential losses. In order separate an ICO as a healthy financial model from a disastrous example of the predominant bubble culture, it is necessary to involve individual investors from different business projects. This will bring the benefit of investment in a diverse way and is why we have different stages for raising funds. You can find it as a reference in Tebura ICO policy (draft).

Even though I am interested in Tebura, Bitcoin seems more profitable. Could you show me a reason to invest in Tebura?

We also have structured a bond plan against the fluctuating price of Bitcoin. Please feel free to contact us if you have anything to ask.

Why do you use the word Ninja with Tebura?

"There are three reasosns behind using the word ninja:
1. Travelers who came to visit Japan would like to visit tourist locations immediately after leaving their luggage. Ninjas are known to be quick, stealthy and efficient like our proposed luggage service and will enable travellers to travel immediately after placing their luggage. Additionally Tebura like ninjas, is from Japan.
2. The CEO of Tebura is an ex-programmer, and our CEO Akihiro Takagi likens skilled programmers to .ninjas due to their large skillsets and vital background roles.
3. Tebura's new services will be easily remembered by the word Ninja, as ninjas are extremely popular."

How will the collected funds will be used?

The funds will be used to develop Tebura and for operation costs.
Main source of expenses will help to expand Tebura-
1. Develop application
2. Operational activities
3. Tax administration

Is the usage of blockchain technology necessary?

The aim of Tebura is to build a decentralized open source software in the future. To do thism it is essential to implement smart contract functions based on decentralized methods like blockchain. In traditional systems, it is not possible to use it with fixed charge or open source because an administrator is required to run this system which carries operating expenses along with personal expenses.

What is the method to purchase token?

The method to purchase the token is outlined in the following link

What will be the starting price of the token?

Token purchase will be possible from 20,000 Yen

What types of strategies do you have to carry out ICO?

Tebura's initiative to implement the ICO will be as follows:
- Advanced marketing methods that is in line with most IT companies
- Implementation of the Bounty and Airdrop campaign
- Introduction to virtual currency through meetups
- Growth strategy specialized for ICO
- Social media marketing through Telegram and Twitter
- Introduction of blockchain through representatives
Representatives of Tebura have been involved with blockchain for a long time.
For more details please refer to the Tebura website and whitepaper.

Do you have specific (media) marketing strategies regarding promotion?

For each strategy, a team is formed along with people from five countries including China. We have already introduced the bounty campaign and shared growth strategies in meetups. An example of a growth strategy we planned is to share Ninja Coin to all of the people in Japan who already shared their address with Tebura during the airdrop session. We will manage two official social media acounts insofar as marketing.

How many tokens have you decided to issue?

We have planned to issue 3,000,000,000 NC.
The total amount of tokens has a special meaning: we calculated the amount carefully based on the market value that Tebura has, and the predicted value of the Tebura token. The issued volume is best suited based on the actual usage of token in the Tebura market.

What is the basis of the rising price of the utility token?Do you have any plan to raise the price of the token?

Token price increases when demand is extrenely high.
The Tebura ICO token will be distributed through our application. Tebura is working to increasing it's volume of distribution; thats why the price will increase after the completion of each stage of sale. We are contemplating various strategies for extending loans and services in order to increase the distribution amount of the token. The following article describes the method of the calculation of the utility token value in English and Japanese. Thory and practice of Price calculation of Japanese Utility Token | Bitcoin Research Institute Cryptopass Valuations- Chris Burniske

Are the laws of each country compliant with Tebura?

We merely have performed a basic study of the laws of individual countries and do not guarantee Tebura to be compliant with laws of all countries

Is Tebura in compliance with the tax laws of all countries?

Tebura does not provide tax law information for countries other than those of Japan.

How does Tebura correspond to the uprise of gas price just like Cryptokitties at the time of transaction?

Since ERC based ICO exceeds 80% at present time, there is a possibility to switch to layer 2 or to another platform by Rootstock etc. That will reduce the gas price.
ICO statistics by Blockchain ICO watch list

Which cryptocurrency or official currency can you purchase Ninja token with?

Ninja token cannot be currently purchased with standard currencies due to the risk associated with it. You can purchase it with the virtual currency mentioned below:
- Bitcoin
- BitcoinCash
- Ethereum
- LiteCoin

How will Ninja token will be settled?

Payment with KanaeCoin is possible at Travel Hub Mix luggage storage.
You can pay with Cipher Browser (Mobile Wallet) or Metamask. If you would like to have KanaeCoin, Please contact us via email at

Is it possible to look at Tebura's code on the blockchain?

Currently Tebura do not publish its code, but technical information uses ERC 721 and leavse a memorandum of token purchase on the blockchain. It is possible to confirm using the specific document. In addition, we introduced sample code of settlement function with ERC 20 token in this blog post: We also published the code for the airdrop below:

Could you tell us about current sales of Tebura?

Tebura's public sale has not started yet.

Are you thinking about the overall development of ICO?

Tebura consists of team members from the USA, France, China, Bangladesh, Japan. Taking advantage of Tebura's strength of our current team members, we are considering the development of services worldwide. We are also planning to make a marketing strategy for and Reddit.

Are there any existing competitors?

There are several competing companies in Japan including Airportels, Luggage Hero, Knock Knock City etc. The number has increased to more than 20 companies around the world. I think this rise in competition represents underscores the major problem of carrying heavy luggage while traveling poses and that it has drawn international attention of entrepreneurs. Rather than directly competing with other companies, we would like to potentially forge partnerships.

Does your company offer home delivery services?

Home delivery services are a possibility in the future, and Tebura is considering forming a sharing economy developing business with other partners.
Yamato Holdings currently follows the sharing economy concept and extends it's business to ventures such as a luggage service that takes advantage of bus routes for delivery.
Currently we are considering forging partnerships with major companies such as Yamato Holdings.
At the beginning of the formation of its courier service, Yamato holding's bus route was used (baggage shipped along daily commuter bus routes): _ 18 _ 01 _ news.html
Miyazaki Kotsu and Yamato currently use the bus route between Nishinari-gun and Saito-Shi and started to use commuter buses to transport the luggage on 1st of October along with the sitting facility and courier service.

What are the merits of registering one's store with Tebura?

We offer a lot of benefits to shops who are registered with Tebura
1. Create new sales using unused space
We will help companies transform unused floor space into space where luggage can be stored. Stores can thus generate profit from using this space with Tebura.
With the specially crafted Tebura application, you can easily manage and pay for delivery of baggage
2. Acquire new customers that are travellers
Yeasu Shopping mall in Tokyo Station is a good location for luggage storage, in particular on Sunday which is not a busy day. Tebura will help to promote your place for you and will ultimately drive sales to your location.

3. We plan to provide financing services using the Tebura token
Tebura token can be used for registering stores for financing purposes. It will also be possible to translate menus of restaurants with different languages by paying with tokens.

Where is the most important spot for luggage storage?

In many cases, tourists commonly use Hub stations in airports and bullet train stations.
For this reason, it is expected that Hub stations will have the highest sales and demands.

Is the law for luggage storage clearly drawn out?

For Luggage storage services, please read the below information:
1. In the warehouse industry, "warehouse" refers to the space where goods are deposited.
From the viewpoint of luggage storage along with the protection of deposits, luggages are deposited for temporary, short periods of time: type of stored item, method of storage, period of storage etc. Those that are deemed unnecessary to hold in warehouses having facilities, or facilities conforming to the criteria set in the article number 6, first section. (warehouse facilities or equipment according to the type of warehouse mentioned in the section written by the Ministry of Land, Infrustructure, Transport and Tourism) excluding those specified by Cabinet Order (section 2).
Next I will give the viewpoints of the platform

2. Platform of our business
In the service highlighted, individuals will use luggage storage stations, we believe that your business itself does not fall under the category warehouse industry.

3. When general users need to deposit using the platform, in that case they have to register in the warehouse industry which presents a problem.

According to the above cirteria, if someone deposits luggage in a warehouse for a short period of time, registration in the warehouse industry (which is required) would then become unnecessary. So as a business model, it is therefore conceivable to limit the period to not fall under the above jurisdiction (In some cases, sharing of the good will be considered)

Referrence link: Law in case of deposit of luggage in a private house by multiple depositors -

What platform will create involving blockchain?

Tebura uses an Ethereum based blockchain platform.
The reason behind adopting Ethereum is that Ethereum holds the most suitable model for creating distributed applications such as the implementation of Smart Contracts. There are several ICO projects that utilize the same model and Ethereum offers compatibility with other tokens.

Why the growth rate is slow as Tebura was released in August 2016?

The aim of Tebura is to build an application that is decentralized and open source in nature, and will expand all over the world starting wiht Japan. We can do this faster if we raise funds from one source. However, raising funds from one source will be essentially considered as the centralization of capital which is the opposite of our philosophy.
From the time of release, we will be steady in our efforts of raising capital.
In the first stage, preparation will be done as such that tokens can be issued.
In the second stage, the application will be developed in such a way that payments can be performed with the token.
The third stage will be the gathering of knowledge and experience related with ICOs and blockchain.
It may seem that we far from our release date, but Tebura has been establishing a decentralized system from the day we have learned about blockchain technology and distribution the benefits of the technology. We started Tebura by working on what we believe in, and are drawing close to achieving our ultimate dreams.

The idea of luggage storage service seems not a profitable venture. Does it really have the potential to produce profit?

Tebura is not looking to generate profit solely from the luggage storage service.
It will use the service to enter the tourism market as the luggage storage market is a new market with few competitiors.
Ultimately the aim of Tebura is to provide a variety of services that can prove to be profitable. Our goal at Tebura is to eliminate financial, language and distance barriers by offering services including multilingual translation, financing (demonstrating our experimental plan) by using NinjaCoin as unique token to intergrate services for the rising travel industry.
First, we aim to solve the problem of luggage storage by providing a solution that doesn't waste time and also utilizes available vacant space to provide benefit to both travellers and brick and mortar businesses.
If you believe in Tebura's mission and want to invest, together we can achieve our mission and make Tebura a success.
To achieve our dreams, we are raising funds through holding an ICO in order to create a better platform and application.

What if a large company like a convenience store enters the market?

The aim of Tebura is to build an open source software that will run without any central administration (i.e decentralized in nature with benefits deriving from this system). The fundamental thought of Tebura is different from other starup which are looking for profit through centralization.
If large companies enter the market, and if that company is convenience store then it will surely generate profit. If we calculate the daily average sales using a model of 6000 Yen per square meter , the advantage of Tebura will increase if the amount of space required is exceeds that.
The design of convenience stores is designed such that they can generate profit efficiently. However, if the stores are located in a rural area then these stores will not adopt these systems because profit rate insofar as efficiency would poor as expected.
※ Method of calculation one square meter, average sales per day ÷ average area of the store
Reference link: http: // (sales materials) (store area and layout materials)

When will Tebura become decentralized?

The current ICO market is fluctuating, new regulations and technology make the market itself unstable at a level much like that of the time of the birth of the internet. As a result we can expect the possibility our system becoming decentralized but as blockchain technology changes day by day, we cannot provide the exact time and date of the release of the distributed application. That said, we are planning to announce the progress of our development of decentralized and open source system.

Is the ICO trend a bubble?

The current situation of ICOs is very much unstable and dangerous.
Tebura has come up with a plan regarding an appropriate amount as investment along with a marketing starategy that will not lead to anxiety and loss to the individual investors.
The trend of the ICO marketplace is not only to be an unstable bubble but also to be a sound place for financing and investment.
It is essential that there are more sound projects that enable more individual investors to profit.
In order to become such a project, Tebura is proceeding with a round-based funding plan.

Can I schedule a meeting with Takagi?

It is difficult to meet with Takagi one on one as the developement of Tebura is currently in progreess and Takagi is busy hosting a number of seminars and forums. We also plan events such as converting to Tebura Ninja and interacting with users. Since we often update event information, please register with our Telegram to keep in touch with us. Thanks you in advance.

Why is it a great time to provide a luggage storage service?

First of all, the current Internet infrastructure has been set up so that it is now opssible to share real-time information about coinlockers and empty spaces to users. Various sharing services have already begun, which has created awareness and understanding from contemporary society. This indicates that the luggage storage environment is now ripe as consumers are starting to buy into it. Tebura introduces it's services using blockchain technology which enables Tebura to carry out its operation at a low cost. This creates a significant benefit to both travelers and service providers."

What kind of token is Ninja Coin?

As per the technical perspective, this is an ERC 20 blockchain based ethereum token.
The token will be available for the use of travel related services, ICO related services. Detailed information is available in the whitepaper and materials. We would appreciate your confirmation.

Could you tell us about the benefits for token holders that are not enlisted with the token, as you mentioned earlier that "Individual investors can make profitable circulation in ecosystem?

An answer is that it can be usued with our service, especially ICO support related services where our resources are limited, can be accepted preferentially.

Have you registered Tebura in a virtual currency exchange market?

If we sell to the Japanese market or to Japanese corporations, we will implement our ICO in such a way that will conforms to the regulations in place and we will plan our ICO with a legal team. For this purpose we will provide written documents from lawyers. There are currently different interpretations of the official announcement by JCBA on 8th December, 2017. We do not believe that the increase of regulations and vision of the FSA differ, but we think that it is necessary to bring clarity to individual investors in order to prompt the ICO market to lay its roots in Japan. Currently, there are lots of low-level projects that operate in the darkness domestically in Japan but with open confidence overseas. Even if there is a barrier to overcome under strong regulation, we are ready to pay taxes to overcome this barrier and to develop the ICO market in Japan.