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The Revolution is coming

In 2015, Japan started a new revolution in Travel - called “Hands-free Travel.” The concept was simple. Take care of luggage difficulties
for travelers, and let them have more time to explore and experience.
And tourism is exploding
In the few years since 2013, tourism in Japan has grown 197%. In just four years!
More and more people are using these convenient services, such that giant companies like Panasonic are getting in on the game, making their own services.
But the demand is too great.

Luggage free-travel, meet the sharing economy

In 2016, Japan-based Tebura (pronounced “teh-boo-rah”) is capitalizing on this change. In the same philosophy as AirBnB and Uber,
Tebura is capitalizing on the “sharing economy,” using unused spaces all over Japan to provide convenient luggage-free travel services from Tokyo to Other prefectures.
But there is so much more room to grow.
New luggage-free travel services are bound grow exponentially in Japan. And there are already luggage services all over the world.
But, up until now there has been no simple way to find services, connect them with customers.
The current international travel market is 1,235 million in 2016. How much of that market could luggage free services be capitalizing on? Reference by UNWTO

Using the blockchain to revolutionize Travel

Tebura is launching an initiative to change that.
A decentralized, hands-free travel association
Using open-source, blockchain-based technology, Tebura will bring together the world’s luggage-free travel services and offer a common
currency, one that can be used at any of the services with no need for currency exchange.
It’s called Tebura Token(Temporary name).

Are you going to miss out on this explosive growth?

Tebura token will be the unified currency of hands-free travel.
And while the market is still small, it is growing rapidly - exponentially, even.
We’re set to hold an ICO soon, and we are looking for investors to join our vision.
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Who’s behind Tebura?

Meet the people behind the name.

Akihiro Takagi

CEO & Managing Director

Samepage Inc. & Tebura Ninja

Ryoichi Ishihara

Board Director

DENEN Co. Ltd. (株式会社電縁)

Colin Magne


IPO experience as a General Manager, crypto assets investor, angel investor

Yosuke Sato


ベルギービールダイニング サンタルヌー

About Us

Our foundation provides hands free travel related services under Tebura Token system.

Vision of our foundation is to bring all the luggage storage service provider and hands free travel service provider in one eco system by issuing Tebura Token.

Recent News

  • Tebura will join the world’s largest Blockchain conference & exhibition 2017 at San Francisco.28/11/2017
  • Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Newspaper published news about our ICO project11/09/2017
  • We opened ICO seminar04/11/2017
  • We will open ICO seminar "Revolution of real sharing economy is coming. How to choose good and bad ICO at Travel hub mix. Please send mail to me ( if you want to join. Charge about 3000yen and also we will give bonus for your question and sharing our event like on block chain eco system. We are also looking interpreter for JP to EN and EN to JP. We will pay crypt currency to you for that task.13/02/2017

Benefits for Traveler

Get token by some tasks in

Token can be used in Tebura platform with other partners like airportels.

Token can be used global.

Benefits for Investor

Committed Vision to decentralized system for Data Sharing.

Preparing to trade in exchange market after we will join in exchange market.

Can use Tebura token for Hands free travel related service.

Our Products


in exchange of
Virtual Currency

Luggage service

in exchange of Token

Trip advisory service

in exchange of Token


product db image



Step 0:

Hands free travel campaign by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in Japan for Tokyo olympic.


Step 1:

Service of Tebura (Online luggage storage service) Launched.


Step 2:

Raised fund through ICO in Japan.


Step 3:

Start Pre sale (Private sale).


Step 4:

Start crowd sale (Public sale).


Step 5:

Release Hands free travel association.


Step 6:

Release New Block chain eco system by Hand's free travel association.


Get Tebura Coin

Step 01
Subscribe in tebura
Step 02
We are sending news by mail
Step 03
We will send announcement after starting crowd sale.


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Know the details about the business from start to revolutionary change

Tebura Current Overview
Biggest platform for hand’s free travel. 400 place in Japan and Thailand.

  • 14 luggage storage stores
  • Tokyo (HIS、Restaurant etc..)
    Stores. 3-5 minute walking distance from key stations
  • Other areas
    Storage areas in Osaka, Kobe
  • Related areas : Tokyo Station, Otemachi, Ginza,Harajuku, Akihabara
  • Coin locker display : 400 stations
  • Luggage storage / delivery service introduction in Osaka, Kyoto:1 company
  • Thailand luggage storage, delivery service : 1 company

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SERPs Ranking

We are good in SEO and we have many writer in team of Bangladesh.

Akihabara coin locker 1st place
Asakusa station coin locker 1st place
Tokyo izakaya 5th place
Tokyo station coin locker 5th place
原宿駅 コインロッカー 空き 2nd place
秋葉原 手荷物預かり 2nd place


The era of the platform is over!






We will make Super Airbnb for Hands free travel on block chain and crypto currency.

Tebura Architecture

tebura architecture image

Reference of block chain revolution like Super airbnb.

Imagine instead of the centralized company Airbnb, a distributed application—call it blockchain Airbnb or Airbnb—essentially a cooperative owned by its members. When a renter wants to find a listing, the Airbnb software scans the blockchain for all the listings and filters and displays those that meet her criteria. Because the network creates a record of the transaction on the blockchain, a positive user review improves their respective reputations and establishes their identities—now without an intermediary. Says Vitalik Buterin, founder of the Ethereum blockchain: “Whereas most technologies tend to automate workers on the periphery doing menial tasks, blockchains automate away the center. Instead of putting the taxi driver out of a job, blockchain puts Uber out of a job and lets the taxi drivers work with the customer directly.”
Check details in the article written by Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott in the below link:

Benefit of joining
  • No need to use develop platform. Tebura will be open source.
  • Very low charge in global transaction.
  • Data sharing within association
  • To give token.


Our Team

Kanae Takagi

Lead Designer

Samepage Inc. & Tebura Ninja

Tanvir Choudhury

Assistant Manager

Samepage Inc.

Mehidi Hassan

Mehidi Hassan

UI/UX Developer

Samepage Inc.

Asma Akter

Asma Akter

Web Designer

Samepage Inc.

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Company Information


Company Name: Samepage Inc.
CEO & Managing Director: Akihiro Takagi
Established: October 2013
Location: (Front of Nihonbashi Exit of Tokyo station) Nihon building 2-6-2, Otemachi, Chiyoda ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Phone: 070-6527-0333
Fax: 03-4578-2025
Corporate Number: 2240001044879
We are available in slack. Feel free to ask questions.