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Samepage Inc. is a Japan-Bangladesh joint venture which has another corporate office in Bangladesh named as Samepage Limited.
We are providing IT enabled services like web design and development, portal site operation, outsourcing contract.
We are starting to develop blockchain service and we already provide blockchain service to three other ICO projects and these projects were managed by our company.

Tebura Ninja another project of SamePage Inc. has launched ICO project for itself and also provide ICO support service for those companies which are really interested to start ICO for their business. Tebura has developed blockchain technology just like ERC721 contract management function, ERC20 based Airdrop by node.js, Payment integration on web3.js, ENS domain setup, ERC20 token setup, QR code generator.
Tebura is ready and has already started to provide services like ICO dashboard development, ICO functionality support, ICO promotional support, ICO consultancy support to the other companies.

ICO Launch Phase


Concept Development

  • Shaping the idea
  • Analyze the market
  • Start PR-Campaign of Project
  • Start PR-Campaign to the investors
  • Team Formation
  • Company Registration
  • Preparation of Offer
  • Developing a Whitepaper
  • Token Purpose Decision
  • Product Planning
  • Development of Terms and Conditions
  • Development of Roadmap
  • Getting Legal Advisory Service

Analysis and Fundraising

  • Launch Website
  • Social Channel Creation
  • Social Channel Promotion
  • Launch Airdrop Campaign
  • Design and Publication of Bounty Campaign
  • Full activation of social networks
  • E-mail subscription
  • Affiliate Promotional work
  • Start Translation Support
  • Launch Forum Activities
  • Support for Tax Consultancy
  • Support for Project Analysis
  • Support to find Investment Reliability
  • Adding Projects to ICO Trackers
  • Issuance of Token
  • PR-Campaign for Token
  • Dashboard Creation for Investment
  • Setup Cryptocurrency Deposit Support
  • Verification work for Investors
  • Setup ENS domain

Launch ICO

  • Start Public Sale
  • Registration under Cryptocurrency Exchange Market
  • Sell token on the cryptocurrency exchange market
  • Specify the offer of token
  • Collection of minimum amount of Fund
  • PR-Campaign for more collection of fund
  • Legal formalities work


  • ICO Dashboard Development
  • Promo code support
  • Secure cryptocurrency deposit support
  • Cryptocurrency easy calculation support
  • Easy view to all transaction record support
  • KYC verification system support
  • Token based affiliation system support
  • ICO functionality support
  • ERC20 token setup support by node.js
  • ERC 721 Smart contract system development support
  • Airdrop support by ERC20
  • ENS domain setup support
  • QR code generation support
  • Cryptocurrency payment integration support
  • ICO promotional support
  • Whitepaper creation
  • Meetup arrangement
  • Social media marketing
  • Article creation
  • Multilanguage translation support
  • ICO consultancy support
  • Legal consultancy support
  • Taxation consultancy support
  • Project analysis report support
  • Investment on reliable ICO project

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Our ico dashboard

dashboard demo

Features of Dashboard

  • Customized currency support
  • Records of transaction
  • Promo support
  • Manual/auto Calculation support
  • Multi Language support
Click to visit ICO Dashboard

Using the following ID and Password
you can check our dashboard
ID: dashboardtest
PASS: test


Ninja Coin has created a team hailing from international backgrounds which members are comprised of Blockchain experts, ICO investors and other talented individuals

Akihiro Takagi

Akihiro Takagi

CEO Tebura Project
Representative SamePage Inc. and
Tebura Ninja

Kanae Takagi

Kanae Takagi

Lead Designer
SamePage Inc. & Tebura Ninja

Mohammed Tajvir Chowdhury

Mohammed Tajvir Chowdhury

Assistant Manager
SamePage Limited (Bangladesh Corporate Office)



PHP Programmer
SamePage Limited (Bangladesh Corporate Office)

Mehidi Hassan

Mehidi Hassan

UI/UX Developer
SamePage Limited (Bangladesh Corporate Office)

Asma Akter

Asma Akter

Web Designer
SamePage Limited (Bangladesh Corporate Office)

Media, Award, business support programs and Partner

Media And Award

  • Featured on the National TV Program EVRY
  • Highlighted by Bitcoin expert Roger Ver 'Change the World by ICO!' in the context of Japanese based ICOs
  • Featured in the Yomiuri TV show 'Billion Crores', where Tebura was introduced by Chief Editor Mr. Tanaka as a promising ventureReputable venture capital organizations backed Tebura
  • Excellence Award received from Massachusetts Institute of Technology Japan Forum Business Plan Contest
  • Participated in the Semi Final Slush Tokyo 2017 English Eventimg
  • Microsoft Award Samurai Expo 2017

Business Support Programs

  • Osaka City Venture Support Program
  • Kobe Venture Support Program


  • Luggage storage service carried out at the store HIS
  • Luggage storage coupon distribution for foreign travelers conducted through a joint website with Don Quixote
  • Rental coupons distributed in collaboration with DMM
  • Cycle pass vouchers distributed at local DoCoMo branches
  • Partnership formed with Kobe based Venture Fund KGSG
  • An experiment was conducted with hands-free travel performed in collaboration with Kumamoto City
  • REGULUS provides customer service to users of private housing services such as Airbnb
  • Luggage storage service carried out with the store Pasona, near Tokyo Station in front of Nihonbashi (Travel Hub Mix)
  • Luggage Storage service started with suitcase sales outlet KYOWA
  • Partnership formed with Japanese real estate firm Grand Prix at Kyobashi Machi
  • Promotional support for hands free travel from the Higo Journal in Kumamoto City
  • Partner with company that verify ICO from scamming.

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Samepage Co., Ltd.
Akihiro Takagi - Representative of SamePage Inc. and Tebura Ninja
12th Floor Japan Building 6-2-2 Otemachi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004
TEL: 070-6527-0333
Mail: md@samepagenet.com

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