Terms & Conditions

Notation on the basis of specified commercial transaction law

Business Name
Hands Free Travel Association and SamePage Inc.

Representative Name
Akihiro Takagi

12th Floor Japan Building 6-2-2 Otemachi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004

Phone Number
E-mail Address:

Price for each size of luggage available at the luggage storage section.

Payment Method
Credit card

Payment Time
During the time of reservation

Booking confirmation method
After completion of payment a confirmation mail will be delivered immediately. Please visit the luggage storage along with details.

Return/Change/Cancellation etc.
We do not accept any return, changes or cancellation etc. after completion of reservation.
Cooling-off condition is not applicable for the service under specific commercial transaction law.

Terms & Conditions

1. Payment
a) You pay only once to purchase a theme. For payment, you are able to use credit card or Visa/Master Card via Paypal. Your card information will not be disclosed to SocialNinja.

2. Cancel/Change/Refund
a) Once a booking request of your purchased has been sent, you cannot cancel/change/refund on your purchase with regards.

3. Indemnification
a) We may update these Terms without your acceptance if it’s necessary. In case of the update, you agree to follow the updated Terms.
b) We are not responsible for any of your damage or disadvantage for the use of our service. We do not guarantee the performance of softwares you use.
c) In LuggageBaggageNinja, we use cookies. It is created or updated when you access or login to our website. Basically, cookies don’t register information like password. Cookies can be used as follows. Once you send information by a form, later cookies allows the form to display this information. Cookies can be used for tracking for affiliate.
d) If we provide a page required to login with id and password, you can access to your personal information by your id and password. It is only you who can access to your information. It’s your responsibility to keep your password and registration information carefully to prevent from leaking your information. It is recommended that you log out of the website and close your browser to prevent anyone from accessing to your personal information or communication record.
e) We may introduce products via affiliate programs. Affiliate program is a system on the internet to introduce products or services in the acceptance of a distributor of the products and services. Therefore, some of products in LuggageBaggageNinja cannot be purchased by us. You will have a transaction directly with the linked distributor to purchase the affiliate products. As there may be change of prices, details or taxes of prices, you should carefully read, understand and agree the information in the linked distributor’s website. We are not responsible for any purchase of affiliated products.
f) We prohibit to create any affiliate link to the affiliate products in LuggageBaggageNinja or to introduce them. If you should create an affiliate link and someone purchase it, we do not pay the reward for the purchase.

4. Contact and Support
a) You can contact us via “a contact form”.
b) If you have any questions, please have a look at “Q&A” before purchasing an item.

5. Governing law
a) The Terms are governed by the laws of Japan. In case of any conflicts or disputation related to LuggageBaggageNinja, the first trial will be held at Tokyo District Court.

6. Changes of the Terms
a) We may up-date these Terms without your acceptance if it’s necessary. In case of the update, you agree to follow the up-dated Terms.